Big Girl

In what’s becoming something of an annual tradition for me, each springtime I make my way over to the Frontiers of Flight Museum and make a date with the heavy girls. This year, as in year’s past, the Collings Foundation brought their B-17 and B-24 heavy bombers.

Such fascinating pieces of history, it’s always a joy to be near them.

Edited this one up nicely , trying for a bit of a vintage look.



~ by Derrick Birdsall on May 7, 2012.

8 Responses to “Big Girl”

  1. She’s quite lovely!

  2. To be honest, Derrick, this image doesn’t work for me. 😦 It isn’t the processing (that is lovely) it is the image itself. If I didn’t know it was a bomber I would struggle to figure out just WHAT the heck it is since it doesn’t have enough of the usual plane parts to clue me in.

    • LOL – first off… thanks for your honesty!! I’m glad you feel comfortable enough with me to say when you don’t like something!!! That’s how I want this blog to be… can’t stand those places where all anyone ever says is how great something is. 😉 Anyway – I know what you’re saying. I KNOW it’s a B-24 because I’ve looked at pictures of them since I was like… ten. And that was a long time ago. I can totally see why you (or someone else…) couldn’t recognize it!

      The deal about this particular image is I really liked the perspective of this shot – which uncropped contained parts of the wing and the entire fuselage. The problem was… there were two million (ok, maybe only 3) people crowding around the plane and wouldn’t get out of the way. I have no photoshop skills so I just cropped them out as they got in the way of the “vintage” look I was going for.

      Next one up, you should be able to figure out. 🙂 And I’ll work harder to not remove key parts.

      • Phew! 😉

        They aren’t too many blogs I feel comfortable enough to be completely honest. I’ve tried on some and have ben met with, well, negative responses. I agree with you…too many blogs out there are simply filled wiht gusing comments and I’m like, ‘Really? On THAT image??’ No one wants to come across as the ‘bad guy’. So, most often, I simply keep comments to myself.

        I knew you’d take an honest critique well. I can totally understand what you went through here with this image.

      • Oh hell…. you gotta do more than that to hurt my feelings. 😉 You were right, what could I say? 🙂 I’d rather hear a piece of constructive criticism (rather than some stupid post about fringing on the edges, or “when I blow it up full size it gets pixleated at the corners” or a comment stating that the image would have been sharper with a nikon lens, etc – all the stupid, asinine comments from computer geeks who also happen to own cameras! Wow, where did all that come from??? LOL) but anyway, I’d much rather hear some constructive criticism designed to make my work stronger and better than someone just saying nice job because they don’t want to hurt my feelings. That way – when the same person tells you that you have a great shot, it has more meaning – know what I’m saying???

        Regardless, your comments and views ara always welcome here!

  3. That’s some wicked processing, Mr. B! Awesome!
    I had the opportunity to walk through a B-17 when I was really little… I remember it being pretty spectacular… and I managed to hit my head. Somehow. Really hard. I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I do remember that for some reason.

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