Lest we forget

Hopefully everyone is out there enjoying a nice three-day holiday here in the United States.  Let’s take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday, shall we?

Gettysburg dead

There were around 50,000 casualties over a brutal 3 day fight in Gettysburg during the Civil War.  The men that died there are, sadly, only a small number in total of people who have died for our country over the last 200 years or so.   So at some point in your holiday, do take a moment to reflect on all that those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit; it’s the least we can do.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on May 28, 2012.

9 Responses to “Lest we forget”

  1. Great Post! I have visited Gettysburg and this cemetery. I have driven around the battlefield. I have stood at the top of Devils Den. All the time I was there, I felt sad for the total number of lives lost. I heard someone say yesterday this following statement: “Every was that we have fought ever since we became a nation reminds us of the price of freedom.” What a true statement. We will never forget!


  2. Such a powerful image… (and important thing to keep in mind, Mr. B…)
    I’ve REALLY been kicking myself for not coming up with something appropriate to post for today…


    • thanks Inky! I actually had to search the archives for this one… I had some excellent images I took over the weekend but left the drive they are on… at work. 😉 oops. Glad this one works for ya.


  3. Thank-you.


  4. Powerful image and thoughts. For them, I’m able to relax in the sunshine on such a weekend. Yes, easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder.


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