The things we leave behind

I don’t know why it is, but I am incredibly fascinated with the detritus that humans leave behind and mother nature’s attempts to clean up our mess.


This shot is the 2nd in a series of shots I captured inside an old run down general store up on the Texas/Oklahoma border and was not arranged by me in any way.  I was just struck by the juxtaposition of the soda can, the medicine box, the glass, and ceiling tile with the Christmas card that at some point could have wound up in someone’s Christmas stocking…..  The interior of the store is pretty rough and looks like it’s used as a place for local teens to get their drink on but it’s still a glimpse into a not too distant past that’s becoming harder and harder to find.

~ by Derrick Birdsall on August 15, 2012.

8 Responses to “The things we leave behind”

  1. Great shot Derrick! Where’s the nearest Walmart?


  2. Places like that are really fascinating. I Imagine they’re especially so for a history guy like you…

    Cool photos too.


  3. Kind of haunting…
    I know exactly what you mean, Mr. B… although I’m not sure how or why. I think for me the fascination has something to do with that element of time… or of noting its passing… all the history/stories/people involved… something like that, anyway.


  4. Derrick,
    I really find these latest photographs very interesting. It’s kind of like playing detective wondering who owned these objects, where did they come from, etc. It’s another great way of using the camera especially if you are a history buff or like “stepping” into another place and time like I do.


  5. Nice and fascinating shot this one is..:D


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