One for the food lovers…..

Was going through some images this morning and found one I thought would be a good share on a Saturday morning….

Rio Bravo

These wonderful enchiladas are from a little restaurant called Rio Bravo and you can find it down in Terlingua, Texas.  I’ve eaten enchiladas all across Texas and this is the only place I’ve seen where they are left open…. and dammmmmmmmmn they were good. 😉   I asked the Mexican cook and she said that’s how they made them in the little Mexican town where she was from.  Regardless, there’s some good eating to be found down in the Big Bend… you never know what you’ll find!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on August 18, 2012.

10 Responses to “One for the food lovers…..”

  1. Mental note….stay UPWIND from Derrick today… 😉

    Looks like a pretty good fuel choice for your next workout! Healthy proteins, carbs and fats all rolled up with lots of spice.

  2. I LOVE enchiladas and these look great. Thanks a lot Derrick for wrecking my “healthy eating plan”. j.k. ; )

  3. Been there many times. They will also put a fried egg on top of the enchiladas if you ask. 🙂

    We always stay next door at the Far Flung Casitas.

  4. For your next ‘tips’ segment could you please share a few ideas on how I can remove the gnaw-marks from my computer monitor?

  5. Now you’re making me hungry. I could eat that right now, at 9:00pm!! YUM!!!

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