Golden hour at White Sands

I can’t wait to get back to this place!!!


~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 28, 2012.

29 Responses to “Golden hour at White Sands”

  1. Ahhh! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Susie Q!

  3. I loved it out there. Or at least close to out there.


  4. All time favourite right there
    Cracker shot well done

  5. Great shot. The shadow lines in the beige sand and top framed blue sky makes for a wonderful result. Nicely done, as usual.

  6. Wow, you sure did something nice with that setting.

  7. This has got it all Derrick! Color, drama, depth. Nice work!

  8. Incredible warm golds & cool blues…
    and I love the balance you’ve created here too Mr. B… just awesome!

  9. Again, a beautiful shot by Mr. B. What I really like about this photo is how the angle of the sand draws you eye upward towards the sky (vanishing point if I remember correctly ?) I feel as if I’m climbing up to meet a most glorious sky.

  10. Now there’s a keeper… !!

    Great photo Derrick.

  11. Great shot, Derrick. I’ve been there many times, and this is one of the best images I have come across.

  12. Wow Derrick, this is so Exotic!

  13. This is one of my favorite pieces from you, Derrick! FABULOUS! Love the natural leading lines that the sand creates here, leading us right into and through the frame! Absolutely top drawer, my friend!

  14. This is truly magnificent.

  15. Very nice and dreamy. You definitely nails the composition, saturation levels, and overall feeling of this place. Thank you for inspiring me to do more with my camera.

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