Santa Fe

Most of the time, I know why a particular scene catches my eye…. sometimes however, I’ve no idea and I just get the urge to stop and push the shutter button.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe


~ by Derrick Birdsall on December 17, 2012.

10 Responses to “Santa Fe”

  1. Lovely shot.

  2. It’s a great shot but according to the rules it shouldn’t work, the horizons too low and the bottom is cluttered, yet it does.

  3. Nice sky. I would love to stay um Santa Fe.

  4. Train stuff? Couldn’t not like it!

  5. Sometimes, not necessarily always, but sometimes, it is instructive to dig into “why” a subject catches your eye when at first you don’t know. Could help to further refine your style and purpose in photography, from what I’ve learned. Helps you learn more about yourself in relation to photography that might be constructive.

  6. Oh, and I meant to say that the image works for me because of the sky that is so expansive and bright contrasted with the gritty and dark foreground.

    • thanks David! I think what first caught my eye was the bridge itself, followed by the trees vanishing to a one point perspective with the cloudy, moody sky topping it off! 🙂

  7. Sometimes you just want to ride that train and catch the light . . .

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