Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge

A riding buddy introduced me to this magnificent old bridge that crosses the Red River in between Texas and Oklahoma.  It’s well off the beaten path, only can handle one lane of traffic but it’s really cool!  Built in 1910, it still serves the public today!



Here’s what the ride across looked like. 😉


~ by Derrick Birdsall on February 25, 2013.

10 Responses to “Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge”

  1. Derrick – Nice sepia-tone capture of that rustic and rusty old Red River bridge. The video ride across her was a nice addition. Good post.

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  3. Wow, that was a fun ride and thank you for the slight side to side views even if it was a little . . . nerve-wracking! The aged tones are so good!

  4. NICE! Reminds me (in a way) of a similar-ish (although newer / wider) bridge that spans the Red River between North Dakota and Minnesota, too!

  5. Love the video that brings a little extra depth to this post! I’m not allowed to ride motorcycles anymore due to my propensity to “put them down in a hard manner while they are still moving forward”. Thanks for the ride!! This is a great post, Derrick, your shot is absolutely spot-on, very much in keeping with the feel you were working on.

  6. […] Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge – a fabulous shot full of nostalgia both in the subject focused on as well as the great sympathetic processing that Derrick Birdsall has used to create the image.  These old trestles are full of great details and textures, especially the original ones to the area like this one here.  Derrick also includes a short video in this post that takes the visitor across the bridge on a motorbike…  very, very cool. […]

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