Breaking dawn….

No… not THAT Breaking Dawn, but rather, dawn breaking over Pinto Canyon – somewhere south of Marfa, Texas.  Light, textures, shadows, foreboding clouds….. this shot’s got it all!

Pinto Canyon sunrise

Pinto Canyon sunrise


~ by Derrick Birdsall on March 25, 2013.

21 Responses to “Breaking dawn….”

  1. Ahh…very nice!

  2. Feeling warmer already, thank you Derrick! What a magical dawn . . . and can’t wait to get to Texas proper one day soon!

  3. Hahaha… you’d think the sunrise would scare all those vampires away! Well, I guess when it looks this good… might as well risk it!

  4. Clever, clever trying to draw us Twilight fans to your blog (being a fan is one of my guilty pleasures : ) Must say I absolutely, positively love this photograph. I think I may have to buy in the future and it can join the other one of yours that is on my wall.

  5. What lovely light, Derrick. The tones are gorgeous.

  6. Love that light – beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous! It’s like a breath of fresh air. The light is wonderful. 🙂

  8. What an absolutely incredible shot, Derrick! Love the colors, and those shadows are absolutely delectable!

  9. […] Breaking dawn… – a Texas morning produces the perfect elements for the photography of Derrick Birdsall. As the sun crests over the horizon, it creates terrific and dramatic shadows across the landscape, and all of this finds further benefit from the great clouds in the sky adding a great element. […]

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