I’ve been trying to capture some lightning for the longest time!  Friday night I finally had the opportunity to do so.

A buddy and I were camping at Caprock Canyons State Park as the storm rolled in.  At first there wasn’t any lightning, just a nice spring storm on the horizon.  Before long, it started lightning and I figured that I’d work to catch a shot.

It was too light outside to just trip the shutter and wait it out.  As I was traveling on my ADV motorcycle… I didn’t have a ton of room for gear, but other than a camera, lens, and batteries, I had thrown in 3 ND filters and the mount for the filters.  I quickly threw everything together, set it on bulb, did a few practice shots to set composition, etc and let her rip.  I managed to take about a dozen shots before it started raining too much to leave the camera out.  TWO of them caught some awesome lightning and here is the first I’ll share. 🙂




~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 1, 2013.

23 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Nice! I was sitting outside in downtown Lubbock that night, watching the clouds roll your way….

  2. Electric!

  3. Extraordinary shot. Me likey.

  4. Wow, definitely succeeded, nice shot!

  5. Awesome shot

  6. Crackling good shot, Derrick! 😀

  7. Nice capture! Hard photo to take!
    God Bless you, Derrick!

  8. Gosh you have some great fun out there and what a spectacular trophy to bring back with you!

  9. What ‘s that saying? Inspiration is 90% preparation or something like that. Well, you are always prepared for our universe’s miracles. I love lighting photographs and this one is beautiful, Mr. B.

  10. Wow! Great get! Beautiful effect with the purple sky. Congrats.

  11. Congrats. This is a good catch. You certainly have mastered the use of those filters, etc, though I like your more plain, straight work in general. Well, ok, the sepias are excellent too. Alright, it’s all good. I guess I just like the simpler work better.

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