Gotta love those Texas backcountry roads, something to see nearly everywhere you look….

back roads

back roads


~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 24, 2013.

9 Responses to “Sawtooth….”

  1. Absolutely killing that road, Mr. B…

  2. One of my favorite photography elements is a strong vanishing point… I love this shot, it’s got a really great one! I just love how the eye travels down the highway coming to rest on the two massive rock formations in the far background. What a great shot, Derrick!

  3. Nice. I’ve stood in the middle of this road more than once to get a photograph, but always in the summer when the grasses were green (or green-ish). But the golden color of the winter grass is much nicer, especially as it picks up a hint of gold in the mountains.

  4. Really nice shot. Puts the viewer right in the picture. Really like the vanishing point of the road. I can almost hear the “crunch” of the road gravel beneath my feet. Great shot : )

  5. […] Sawtooth…. – Derrick Birdsall finds and shares a fabulous scene that showcases a great ribbon of highway leading off into the neverending distance, flanked in the far background by a pair of towering rock formations.  The absolutely top notch vanishing point created with this shot delivers a strong sense of artistic tension with questions left unanswered. […]

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