I was here….

Got onto some great petroglyphs in New Mexico over Thanksgiving and this one was one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.

On the very top of a rocky ridge, it would have taken a bit of effort to get here and then spend quite a bit of time “pecking” out a hand print on the edge.

To me, it’s saying I WAS HERE – it’s a proud statement and whoever made it should be happy to know it still evokes an image of their strength and power.

What does this art say to you??



~ by Derrick Birdsall on December 9, 2013.

7 Responses to “I was here….”

  1. I have to agree. It does seem to say, “I was here.” Fantastic image, Derrick.

  2. Which part do you want me to consider as the art that you refer to in your question?

    • The hand print

      • oh

      • Ok, to me, I think it is an irritating speak of screw-up placed upon such perfection. I literally held up my hand to cover it. I just had a little chuckle to myself about certain cultures adding in some imperfection in a Creation. I am having a bit of trouble trying to consider if the dirt hills are mountains or just uneven desert floor and the tree is a shrub or is it mountains? I’ve never seen the west but in images so perspectives can alter my expectations there. I love how the endless sky dances with the earth in your image.

      • LOL, thanks for sharing your thoughts!! I’m glad you stopped by!

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