New Website

Well…. after some serious contemplation and even more serious procrastination, I present you with my new website – take a look!




~ by Derrick Birdsall on June 6, 2014.

6 Responses to “New Website”

  1. I like your site Derrick. Your photography is outstanding and it shows really well on the site.
    May I ask how you like Weebly? I use SmugMug, but am always looking for alternatives.

    • hey, thank you!

      I have a smugmug site as well, but I mainly use it as a storage space rather than how I’ve set up the weebly page. I prefer to do my own printing in house, so using smug mug’s site for that wasn’t working for me.

      The weebly page was pretty easy to set up, and to be honest, I”m still struggling a bit with smugmug since they made their changes a few months ago. Compared to trying to figure out their new system… weebly was pretty simple!

      So far, I’m pleased with it, I’ve had to ask customer service a quick question and got a good response back within a few hours.

      • Ahh…smart, since you do your own printing. I print on Aluminum board through Bay Photo, so in-house doesn’t work. I do my proofs through Bay Photo as well so I know my color is accurate before I go metal.
        I also don’t have the space for good printing equip either, so…
        But I think I’ll still look into Weebly.
        Thanks for the chat Derrick. I appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

      • You’re quite welcome!

  2. Hooray! Looks very good so far…

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