Well….. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the blog title has changed from “mysightpicture” to “unaffected photography”….  It’s still the same ole place, still the same web address (can’t figure out how to change that without kissing the whole blog goodbye and I’m not doing that – so if you know how I CAN change the web address without losing any of my followers, etc – let me know!) and the same ole photographer.

I thought it best to change the name to synch up with my new web presence @  and be less confusing to my visitors.

Speaking of the new website, I added some new images to the store, and cleaned up some other items and it appears to be ready to roll!  So stop by, poke around and take a look.

And to the many fans and followers of this little blog spot on the inter webs – THANK YOU, you are truly appreciated.



~ by Derrick Birdsall on June 15, 2014.

5 Responses to “Changes….”

  1. Hello! If you create a new WP blog, and name it what you want, you can use the Tools, menu on your dashboard, that will allow you to export all content into the new name, with the web addy that you want! I haven’t tried the import feature, though I believe that would work too from within your new blog/name. I did it with my menu planning blog, AFTER I had copied and pasted code for most of it. It even brought over comments!

  2. I love the new website. The format is great and really highlights your photos. We plan to visit your exhibit in Huntsville.

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