Bisti sundown

Took a little bit of an effort to get out to it… but it was really worth it!

The Cracked Eggs

The Cracked Eggs


~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 29, 2015.

11 Responses to “Bisti sundown”

  1. This is amazing, Derrick. What a gorgeous landscape with its cracked eggs… is this a famous spot? Love it!


    • Jane, it’s pretty much off the grid!! It’s apparently a popular spot with… German photographers for some reason!! But it’s sure worth the hike to get out there. 🙂


  2. Beautiful colors! Your pics never disappoint! Don’t feel any pressure, but I’d love to produce images just a fraction as good as yours! 😃


  3. I have a new favorite….surreal and so special. Your effort to capture this was truly worth it …now we can see what you felt was worth sharing with us. Thanks for this beauty.


  4. You out did yourself. I love it.


  5. This desert knows how to put on a good show!


  6. Whoaw! That’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, what a great shot! I love those colors in the sky there, and how they accent the overall feel of the landscape, Derrick! GREAT photo!


  7. […] Bisti Sundown – Derrick Birdsall creates a very interesting piece in this photograph, taking us out into the nether-regions of the desert where he shoots a scene with natural rock formations unlike any I have seen before.  The vibrant colors in the sky add to the alien feel of the landscape, making for a compelling image. […]

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