Government Ditch

Perhaps one of the most popular places to photograph at Caddo Lake could be Government Ditch. It’s perfect for creating a single point perspective with a lot of reflections if you are able to time it just right!

My buddy had arranged for us to have a guided boat tour in the morning, ostensibly to catch the early morning light…. but cloud cover socked us in and it was a rather flat, grey day.

As we entered the “ditch”, I started to work on composing a shot or two when I heard our guide starts cussing like a sailor and I looked up out of the camera viewfinder to discover another boat was in the process of making a high speed pass at us – which is a pretty big taboo, apparently. Our guide definitely gave the other folks a piece of her mind, and I’m sure that was not going to be the end of it! LOL!

At least I was able to get a nice shot or two before the other boat messed things up for us.

Government Ditch

~ by Derrick Birdsall on December 1, 2020.

2 Responses to “Government Ditch”

  1. That’s a beautiful image. Love the reflection.


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