One giant leap

How many folks did Neil Armstrong inspire, I wonder??  Godspeed, sir.


~ by Derrick Birdsall on August 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “One giant leap”

  1. Derrick, this is a wonderful tribute. Thank-you. Neil Armstrong inspired many of us to reach out and expand what we thought was possible. Rest in peace.


  2. He inspired many guys, I assure you! I’m one of them!
    R.I.P Neil Armstrong!

    *Sorry for the flood Derrick! Delete the other account comment, please!


  3. So sad, and yes, such an inspiring person.
    Neil Armstrong handed me my diploma when I completed graduate school. I was in awe when I met him.


  4. Thanks for posting this tribute, Derrick. The early Police song “Walking On the Moon” always come to mind when I think of Neil Armstrong. Although not directly inspired by Armstrong, the original music video was filmed at the Kennedy Space Center and intercut with NASA footage.


  5. Your tribute to him is inspiring! He will be missed, but not forgotten.


  6. Here’s to the inspiring Quiet Man.


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