The Kiva at Bandelier

If you can brave 140 feet more or less straight up some (rickety – to me!) ladders, the view is pretty damn impressive.  You can easily see why this cave would have been a special place for the American Indians who called the canyon home.

the Kiva

~ by Derrick Birdsall on November 19, 2012.

15 Responses to “The Kiva at Bandelier”

  1. Nice shot!


  2. Another great composition. I like the view with the sun slightly block by the canyon wall giving a star-like effect.


  3. The way you captured the view makes it look worth the climb. Beautiful shot, Derrick. 🙂


  4. No elevator?! 😉
    Just when I thought this couldn’t get much more impressive!


  5. Beautiful!


  6. Glorious view and a great shot Derrick but dizzy at the thought of climbing those ladders . . . but how could you possibly have resisted!


  7. I fell off one of those 140 ft ladders once… luckily I was only on the first rung. Great shot, and good job getting there.


  8. […] The Kiva at Bandelier – peering out from a cave into the surroundings, Derrick Birdsall captures and shares a striking image.  Great details are found in the long shadows inside the cave, but the real gem of this shot is the joyful and vibrant sunflare that comes in through the opening to drape the scene in bright light. […]


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