Indio Ranch

We stumbled upon this old cemetery and I just couldn’t get enough of it…. I’ve shared a few shots on my Facebook page and thought I’d share this one here as well.


Room with a view

Room with a view


~ by Derrick Birdsall on April 9, 2013.

12 Responses to “Indio Ranch”

  1. Love the stretch into the forever of these memorials . . . .


  2. I just love those long shadows there, Derrick, talk about ratcheting up the drama here! The sepia processing you’ve used really adds to the sense of age, as well. Really well done, fine sir!


  3. What a place! Hollywood needs to sign you up to scout locations! And shoot stills! I love those long shadows… ‘creeping’ over the rocks…


  4. Backlight can make for some very powerful photos if you use it well. You certainly did…


  5. Thanks for the photos of Indio Ranch cemetery.
    This is our family cemetery. We go visit often. I am happy that it got your attention . Feel free to venture towards the rio grand on your next visit and see the homestead ruins. The families located at this cemetery include athe Matas, and Gonsalez and others. We have many good memories at the Indio Ranch.


  6. Just wanted to sayb that i liked your Indio picture, being that I am the owner of that land


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